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7 interesting Facts You May Not Know About Your Pregnant Body!

7 interesting Facts You May Not Know About Your Pregnant Body!

7 Interesting Facts You May not Know About Your Pregnant Body!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now expect questions like, “How are you feeling?”, “do you feel sick?” “How far along?” among others.

Typically, you expect pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea, fatigue and constant peeing. But did you know that there are other pregnancy delights that no one talks about?

Read on to learn more about the seven less known pregnancy symptoms to understand what to expect.

1.) You May Get Sweaty

It’s time to get going, and a baby is on its way!” Your body signals your metabolism and hormones, increasing blood flow and making you sweat.

This kick-in to the furnace often causes a pregnancy “glow,” a welcome distraction from your moist pits and steamy cleavage.

2.) Your Feet Might Increase in Size

Are your shoes suddenly too tight? Several things cause it as your body retains fluid, which pools at your feet they puff up. That’s not all, throw in a bunch of baby weight, and your feet will surely go up.

In addition, your body ligaments tend to relax during pregnancy, making your feet spread out. However, see your doctor if you experience sudden swelling of your feet, hands, or face, as this might indicate preeclampsia, and you don’t want that.

3.) You Might Have a Heightened Sense of Smell

People think that a keen sense of smell is one of the most charming pregnancy symptoms, except when it’s you experiencing it and smells become repulsive. You may feel suffocated with perfumes.

The hormone estrogen increases your gag reflex, which can worsen morning sickness. We recommend that you chew gum and avoid strong smells.

4.) You May Develop Skin Tags

Skin tags are small growths of skin that appear in areas prone to friction, like armpits, necks, and under the breasts. The body reacts to the baby news by producing extra skin.

The best part is skin tags typically disappear on their own without treatment or leave them and remove later.

5.) Pigmentation of Your Skin May Change

A hormone raises your melanin cells, increasing pigment production, which causes freckles, areolas and the black line on your belly to darken. It can also generate random scars on the Chloasma skin if it goes crazy.

Women with darker complexions tend to experience hyperpigmentation more prominently, but it usually disappears when they give birth.

6.) You May Experience Bleeding Gums

Again, progesterone is to blame. There is no immediate cause for concern regarding bleeding gums during pregnancy. You should avoid sweets, schedule a dental appointment while pregnant, and wash your mouth if you vomit.

7.) Your Skin May Get Itchy

When pregnant, itchy skin is due to stretching and estrogen, and the best way to treat it is by lowering the temperature in your shower, moisturizing, avoiding harsh soap, etc.

Don’t You Feel Amazing?
Pregnancy is a fantastic experience. And despite all the challenges, it’s worth it. Thus, try to focus on the positive aspects of pregnancy. As time passes, it will all be over.

7 interesting Facts You May Not Know About Your Pregnant Body!

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